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Our commitment is to provide an exceptional experience for our clients and we are proud to have helped thousands of individuals reach their career aspirations. We understand that every individual is unique and we tailor our services to meet the specific needs of each client. We are constantly updating our programs and resources to keep up with the latest trends and technologies in the job market.

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The Careers Academy was set up in 2011 by Ray Quintal who has gained extensive work and academic experience in the employment and skills field supporting thousands of people with practical careers guidance support and employment coaching services to equip them to achieve their career aspirations

Over the last decade Ray has witnessed a high demand from unemployed and underemployed clients who want to either change or develop a new career. Many clients are either frustrated that they are not fulfilling their true potential in their current job role or want to find their true purpose in life, or just simply need more money to survive or thrive in their lives.

We have seen an influx since the pandemic started of new clients registering for our employment and executive coaching services, including people who have recently been made redundant. The Careers Academy also partners with a number of training providers who offer short skills based courses that leads to employment opportunities that increases their income and job status.

We have also supported thousands of clients to develop their employability skills when looking for better work and career opportunities, upgrade their skills and improve their confidence, thereby allowing them to re-enter the jobs market, gain experience, develop their talents, earn a good income and take a firmer grip on their career and personal goals.

We are currently focusing on a number of new projects this year supporting low risk ex-offenders into employment, employment coaching and recruitment services for people who have been made redundant since the pandemic started and we will be offering a new executive coaching and leadership programme to private sector and venture building international companies